Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services (PTS) provides judicial officers with crucial defendant background information so that they may make more informed release decisions. Supervision is available for qualified individuals awaiting trial. Through appropriate supervision, PTS reduces failure to appear rates and provides defendants with services necessary to ensure their appearance at court for trial.

Pretrial Services in Virginia

In 1995, Pretrial Services Agencies were authorized in Virginia by statute with the passage of the Pretrial Services Act (PSA, § 19.2-152.2 COV). Pretrial services agencies provide information and investigative services to judicial officers (judges and magistrates) to help them decide whether persons charged with certain offenses and awaiting trial need to be held in jail or can be released to their communities subject to pretrial supervision.

Pretrial Justice Advancement Committee

Co-chairs are Samantha Honig and Wesley Smallwood

The Pretrial Justice Advancement Committee, comprised of Judges, Prosecutors, Defense and Pretrial Directors, worked for a number of years to produce a document that sets forth the key components of a pretrial justice system. The committee received technical assistance from the National Institute of Corrections as well as feedback from national Pretrial experts. The final result is the “Key Components of a Pretrial Justice System.” This is a document that can be used to educate your stakeholders and partners in pretrial.