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The Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association is a non-profit membership organization. Membership includes, local community corrections and pretrial services directors, staff, and other individuals involved with the criminal justice system. Our membership includes nearly 450 individuals and organizations representing all sectors of public safety and treatment providers. 


The purpose of the Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association (VCCJA) is to enhance public safety through the development and expansion of pretrial, community corrections and other criminal justice programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, by providing a forum for the discussion and communication of ideas. All members of the Association shall be committed to the standards of excellence, integrity, and professionalism in the delivery of pretrial and community corrections services.


This week is Pretrial, Probation and Parole week. Or Community Supervision week. I wanted to share a few thoughts.

The first thought is about reclaiming our narrative. I was in a meeting last week. A good meeting. A positive meeting. A meeting about us and the work we do. The individuals I was meeting with are not pretrial or probation officers, but they are extremely appreciative and supportive of the work we do and our impact on communities and public safety. I was advised we need to reclaim our narrative. We need to tell the story of the tremendous work that occurs statewide on a daily basis by our staff. And incredible work does happen on a daily basis in often adverse circumstances. As a profession, we often struggle with providing positive feedback for our clients, we also struggle with providing positive feedback for each other. We need to promote the work we do and advocate for our profession The promotion and advocacy starts with me. As an Association, we provide meaningful, valuable and impactful services to those individuals who need assistance and direction, and may not be able to help themselves. We should be proud of this work and our members and we should promote the great work our members perform. I want to thank each and every one of you for the work you do to promote change and protect our communities.

I also want to encourage everyone to become more active in the Association. The Association is the face of Pretrial and Local Probation in Virginia. We have a number of committees performing outstanding work. Please consider joining one. The Public Relations Committee and the Cultural Awareness Committee are looking for new members. Also, the PR committee is asking agencies to submit videos showing how your agency celebrates Community Supervision week. They are also asking for employee spotlight submissions by July 27. Yet another way to recognize the work performed by our members.

We have a number of Executive Committee positions up for election this year. The positions include President-Elect, Vice-President, Staff Representative, Treasurer, Northern Region Representative and Eastern Region Representative. Please consider running for a position. Please feel free to contact any Executive Committee member to discuss the role and obligations of serving on the Executive Committee. Nominations for positions open on August 12.

Thank you again for your work.

Have a great week.


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