The Awards Committee identifies and acknowledges those individuals and/or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the VCCJA and to the fields of community corrections and pretrial services. Co-chairs are Cynthia Plummer and Rachel Turner.

Cultural Awareness

The Cultural Awareness Committee improves communication and addresses existing barriers between offenders/defendants, community corrections agencies, and the local courts by developing services to assist agencies. The Committee organizes training, resources, and facilitates inter-agency communication. 

Fund Raising

The Funding Raising Committee is charged with assisting VCCJA in raising funds to help support the association’s activities. Some of the fundraising activities that VCCJA has worked on include vendor recruitment for conferences, golf tournaments, raffles, and merchandising. VCCJA is a qualified 501 (C) (3) organization. The committee is open to exploring new fundraising ideas. The Co-Chairs are Maureen Anderson and Ronald McDaniel.



The Conference Committee is responsible for the planning and implementation of the VCCJA Annual Training Conference. Committee members meet regularly throughout the course of the year to complete the tasks associated with the Training Conference. The committee is also tasked with the responsibility to collaborate with other affiliations in the planning of national conferences occurring in Virginia. Co-Chairs are Shelby Johnson and Denise Waff.


The Legislative Committee is responsible for considering, developing positions, and tracking state legislation specifically relevant to Community Corrections and Pretrial Services agencies. Committee members follow several relevant bills during legislative sessions and prioritize them based on impact to our agencies and provide updates to VCCJA members. Members meet with stakeholders in the summer months to garner support and funding for our agencies. Co-Chairs are Nicole Loving and Colin McDonald.

Membership & Nominations

The VCCJA Membership/Nominations Committee’s purpose is to maintain the current membership database, recruit new members to the association, and solicit nominations for the Executive Committee in compliance with VCCJA by-laws. The committee also works in conjunction with other committees to ensure all members receive mailings. Please notify a member of the Membership Committee if you have a change of address to guarantee the receipt of all correspondence. Co-Chairs are Taylor Villasenor and Jennifer Peters.

Public Relations

The VCCJA Public Relations Committee is charged with actively promoting VCCJA to both its members and the general public. The P/R Committee is responsible for producing the Association’s quarterly newsletter. The P/R Committee has also been actively engaged in the development of the Association’s web site in order to increase accessibility and public information. Other P/R Committee responsibilities include the development and update of a promotional brochure and other promotional materials. The committee is also working on a training presentation to assist programs in continuing to educate stakeholders for the benefit of their localities. The Chair is Amanda Griffith. Here’s the latest newsletter.


The primary responsibility of the Training Committee is to provide statewide regional training and relevant training opportunities. Regional Training usually consists of a single training topic that is offered to all four VCCJA regions, typically held in May. The Training Committee is responsible for selecting topics, registration, securing speakers and facilities, as well as collecting evaluations for this training. The Co-Chairs are Jodi Jackson and Francesca Dean.

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