VCCJA Committees

VCCJA’s committees are responsible for driving the actions of the association to ensure we are achieving our mission. Membership on our committees is open to any member, providing all members the opportunity to actively participate in the organization and allowing work to be dispersed through a larger body with diverse ideas and abilities. Members volunteer to participate in the committees that best suit their knowledge and skill set.

Depending on the role of the specific committee, members:

  • Seek training opportunities for the field to stay current on new and innovative ways to maintain the safety of the community
  • Lobby for additional funds for pretrial and community corrections programs
  • Maintain open lines of communication with legislators to share the benefits of the services our agencies provide
  • Get involved in the training of new judicial officials to educate them on the services our agencies provide statewide

We currently have 11 committees that have been formed to address identified needs or issues.