Employees of Fauquier County Adult Court Services were treated to a week of food, fun and adventure (yes adventure).   New to the supervision week format, employees participated in a local scavenger hunt in Old Town Warrenton.  They were split up into teams of two and given a list of local trivia questions that could only be answered by walking (or in some cases running) the streets of town and photographing themselves in front of various landmarks.  Their hunt was timed and the first and second place teams were awarded prizes.  The scavenger hunt was followed by an office pizza luncheon.  On Thursday we  hosted a picnic with our colleagues from State Probation and Parole which has become an annual event. Over 25 staff members from both departments enjoyed an afternoon of food, games and networking.   It was a fun week and great opportunity to acknowledge the staff who contribute so much to the local community and the field of community corrections.

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