Community Corrections/Local Probation

Community Corrections agencies provide a continuum of punitive sanctions and/or treatment services for Virginia Courts. Through effective treatment & intervention strategies, local probation officers encouraging behavioral change for a reduction in recidivism risk and enforce Court orders regarding offender conduct, conditions of supervision, and other obligations imposed by the Courts.

Probation Advancement

Co-Chairs are Gary Hughes and Kim Chmura.

Community Corrections Offers:

Offender supervision based on risk & need
Anger management counseling
Substance abuse, screening assessment & treatment 
Batterers Intervention counseling
Community service placement 
Employment & education assistance
First Offender Programming
Alcohol & drug testing
Batterers Intervention
Home incarceration
Electronic monitoring

Community Corrections in Virginia

Local community-based probation agencies were created in 1995 by the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act (CCCA, §9.1-173 COV). They were created to provide an alternative to incarceration for persons convicted of certain misdemeanors or non-violent felonies for which sentences would be 12 months or less in a local or regional jail.

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